MTHFR and lifestyle changes for support

MTHFR what!?!? Yes, it looks like a horrible acronym for something else!

The genetic home reference notes the following regarding genetics.

" The MTHFR gene provides instructions for making an enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. This enzyme plays a role in processing amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase is important for a chemical reaction involving forms of the vitamin folate (also called vitamin B9). Specifically, this enzyme converts a molecule called 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to a molecule called 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. This reaction is required for the multistep process that converts the amino acid homocysteine to another amino acid, methionine. The body uses methionine to make proteins and other important compounds."
There are currently 64 known health conditions related to genetic mutations.
As much as 60% of our worlds population has some form of genetic mutations now

The inability for the body to detoxify properly, process real B vitamins, such as folate, and carry pregnancies to term, are some of the most common issues faced by those carrying the mutated genetic codes. Thyroid issues, such as low functioning and Hashimotos are also common.

The most problematic genetic mutations that can occur are the C677T and A1298C. The following details the paths that these mutations tend to take.

  • Homozygous: the same gene passed on from both parents and occurs when both parents pass on the 677 mutation, or the 1298 mutation.
  • Heterozygous: one parent passed on the 677 mutation or the 1298 mutation but the other parent passed on a normal gene.
  • Compound Heterozygous: one parent passed on the 677 mutation and the other passed on the 1298 mutation.
I was diagnosed as Compound Heterozygous, finally giving me answers to my numerous miscarriages, and inability  detoxify properly, as well as a tendency towards Histamine Intolerance.
Rather then viewing the diagnoses as a prison, I find them to be freeing.
While the mutations cannot be cured, they can be supported towards better health.

Avoiding standard synthetic B vitamins, and all foods that are fortified with them, I make use of Methylated Bs that have been prepared with the initial processes in place, to allow for optimal absorption.
I also take L. Lysine, to lower homeostasis, reducing the potential for stroke or heart attack.
A traditional foods diet, avoiding my personal trigger foods, and sticking close to plenty of natural saturated fats, wild and home raised meats, veges and fruits go a long ways towards keeping toxicity levels low.
Essential oils are in daily use here, and I hope to better streamline what I am using over the next few weeks as I get a better stock of blends and singles in place for myself.

We avoid commercial cleaners and  personal care products as much as possible in our home, and choose to use handmade real soaps,  vinegar and alcohol based cleaners and essential oils for the finishing touch.