Home and work

Welcome to our wee homestead, Bubbling Brook Farm. As the years have passed, we continue to press on towards a more natural lifestyle. Here I am sharing a few snapshots, showing some of my upholstery work, the farm animals, and a few other things.
In the pages ahead, I will begin to share traditional foods and naturally based products that you can make, use, and purchase, and maybe even earn a living from.
Join us on our journey here in Alaska.
Beautiful Nasturtiums grace the front of our house, providing color, scent and food for our family.

Colony style rabbits, growing fat and sassy before heading to freezer camp.

Storing up warmth for the winter.

Pilgrim and Emden geese.

Nasturtium Flower Vinegar

Favorite book and beautiful yarn waiting for a slow winter day.

Nourishing body butter, protecting our skin through the harsh Alaska winters.

An upcycled chair, upholstered in antique grainsacks from Europe.

Nasturtium blossom syrup.

An old dresser given new life.

Shabby slipcovers add a romantic touch.

Future egg layers.

A touch of lace.

Turning old castoffs into beautiful decor.

Paleo style pancakes are just the thing for cool fall days.