Monday, April 24, 2017

Vendor Spotlight: Mystical Forest Designs

I'm Ruthann Snider of Mystical Forest Designs. My crafting journey began in elementary school, with my Childcraft Make-and Do book, and a penchant for canvassing the neighborhood asking if anyone had any "good garbage" today!
Taking something old and repurposing it into something new stimulated those creative juices to new heights! My first dolls were sculpted from old socks! I still repurpose gently used clothes into doll clothes for my daughter's dolls!
Making dolls is not just a hobby for me... it's a lifestyle! I lived and breathed babies and dolls as a young girl, and secretly still wish for a doll every Christmas! I satisfy my love for all things doll by designing and sewing my own dollies! Someone once asked, "But what does she DO?" To which I responded, " Oh, she does the most special thing of all! She LISTENS!"
A few years back, when my daughters started collecting a myriad of tiny toys that seemed to find their way underfoot in every room, I created a little world in a bag for their little ponies, then all the little people, their pirates and mermaids, and so on... our playmat totebags were born! They prove to be our most popular items - so far! Watch for new things to be coming, soon...

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