Friday, April 28, 2017

Vendor Spotlight - Anne-Tiques


Many people in this world are blessed with a dream. A drive from an early age which fuels their pursuits and passions, culminating in an epic life’s work on display with clear lineage and growing skill.Others love to do so many things, that it’s difficult to pinpoint that one thing they truly have a calling for. Sometimes it takes a full life lived, retirement, and then…
Anne-Tiques was created in this way. I have three grown children and a caring partner who supports, enables, and even participates in our business that only came to fruition when I finally gave myself the opportunity to pursue what I truly enjoyed.
I’ve always been a lover of antiques: before mass-produced furniture and home decor, people who created these things were artisans and true craftsmen. They designed and built items to last, which is why an antique oak dining table costs more than a slap-job mass-produced pine and wood glue table from a big box, Swedish-designed-China-made store!Sometimes antiques and vintage items don’t get the love they’ve deserved, and that’s where Larry and I intervene. It’s like rescuing dogs from an animal shelter: we love on the things we find, put some work into them, and make them the ideal additions to your home! It’s not always a simple transition, and it takes more than a fair share of creativity and imagination.

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